Return Policy

Understanding Our Return Policy for Purchased Wheels

At RideOnRims, we strive to ensure you're completely satisfied with your purchase. However, if you need to return your wheels, we're here to help.

We accept returns within 7 days from the delivery date. To process a return, request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number based on the situations outlined below:

Important: All returned merchandise must be in pristine, unused condition and free from any damage. We require all original packaging and an RMA number for each return. Please avoid sending returns without an RMA number to prevent loss or misplacement.

RMA - Applicable Situations:

Situation #1 – Received Incorrect or Unfitting Wheels?

We stand by our 100% fitment guarantee. If you've received an incorrect fitment, size, color, or the wrong wheel, we'll correct our mistake and send the right wheels at no additional cost. Please ensure all packing materials and original items remain intact until we retrieve them.

Situation #2 – Not Satisfied with Your Purchased Wheels?

If you're not pleased with your purchased wheels, you can return them. However, a 25% restocking fee and shipping charges will apply. This is due to the labor and shipping costs involved in delivering your order.

Situation #3 – Received a Damaged Wheel?

If your delivered wheel is damaged, notify us immediately. We recommend checking all your merchandise upon delivery. If that's not possible, ask someone else to do it for you.

If you discover any damage, contact us immediately. We have a 7-day window to initiate a claim with the freight carrier. Keep the boxes and shipping labels safe, and we'll handle the rest. 

Returns Not Accepted If:

Tires Mounted on Wheels:

Returns won't be accepted if tires were mounted onto the wheels. If you didn't inspect the merchandise before mounting the tires, please remember that you are still responsible for the wheels. Ensure a TEST FIT is performed before mounting tires onto the wheels. If you did mount tires onto the wheels you own it. Do not even return them, becaus ethey won't be accepted.

Missing Packaging or Parts:

Merchandise must be fully packed with all original packing material inside the original boxes before returning. We won't accept returns in different boxes or without all special parts such as rivets, inserts, and center caps.

Damaged Wheels During Shipping:

Avoid placing the install kit/Lugnut box inside the wheel box. If this damages the wheel during shipping, we won't credit you for the wheel.

When Will I Receive My Credit or New Wheels?

Your refund or exchange will be processed once the returned merchandise reaches our facility and passes an inspection. The inspection is conducted to determine if the wheels were used, if tires were installed on them, or if any other damage occurred during the shipping process. If the wheels fail the inspection, neither a refund nor an exchange will be allowed.